Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A noteworthy blog added to the roll

All by accident I have had contact with a certain Nate Bostian, the producer of a truly funny, but also articulate, thought provoking and delightful blog entitled nate's incoherent babble. Though his posts are about as concise as Church Dogmatics, it's really worth a visit.

His latest post recounts his experience as dressing up as Santa for a children's church group:
"50 kids staring at me in amazement and joy, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, laughing, shouting, and waving at me. It was as if God had entered the room. Seriously. They could not have been more excited if God Himself, robed in glory and power, with myriads of angels, entered into the worship center.

I consciously wondered, as I waved and said "Ho Ho Ho", if God would strike me dead for idolatry. I was being worshipped as God in the middle of HIS sanctuary. I didn’t mean to be worshipped. It just kind of happened."


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