Friday, December 02, 2005

Facts to make you popular #2

The male praying mantis has to walk on seriously sharp egg shells when he wants to hump.

Particularly frightening is that if he doesn't quite position himself firmly and squarely enough on the back of his sweetheart, she might just turn around, bite his head off and then feast on his brains while his body twitches to an end the act of copulation. To gross to be true? And let's face it, that isn't very polite is it? Or perhaps it isn't all that bad at all, as at least the poor little insect was having fun before his grey-cells were sucked out - I can think of plenty of less enjoyable ways to die. But is headless mantis-sex really possible?

Apparently it is. In this report, you can learn all the gory facts. You'll also learn that the details so captured the imagination of one 15 year old boy, that for the first time all year he managed to complete his biology homework.


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