Monday, November 28, 2005

Blog of the week award

It is with great pleasure that I can announce this weeks 'blog of the week' winner. Admittedly, there are at least two other blogs (e.g. Ben's Faith and Theology, and Scot's Jesus Creed) that would get some kind of joint 'Blog of the Week' every week; but that just ain't fair for the rest of us.

Nevertheless, my choice is a deserved winner. Simon's posts have been wide ranging, informative, thought-provoking and funny. In fact, his twist for evil humour somehow strikes a deep cord with me, even if he has been a tad bit chicken to let it all hang out in full glory on his blog.

Particularly funny have been his posts: Pupil Comments of the Week 4 and 5 (he's a teacher), What makes a Dan Brown book, and his New Method of Evangelism (yet another evangelistic method to add to well-worn strategies such as "friendship evangelism", "open-air preaching evangelism", "Alpha-group evangelism", and my personal favourite, "Mediaeval Crusade evangelism" for which you need only a sword and a flag, i.e. no bother with tracts, tiresome acts of love etc.)

On the more thought-provoking side of things, he proves beyond any doubt that there is indeed more heresy in his brain than in all of the Inquisition Hall of Fame chambers with: A Question of Orthodoxy and Ignatian Scriptural Meditation (which brings to fore the question of shameless and blatant plagiarisation given my earlier post here, but I'll overlook that). Then there is Freedom of Speech (a discussion of those more right-wing brethren who want the Koran banned!), Origins (on Genesis and the Enuma Elish) and lastly one on knowing God, which raises some interesting questions.

Well done Si! (but get a hair cut)


At 11/29/2005 1:56 AM, Blogger Ben Myers said...

Thanks for the honorable mention, Chris! And congratulations to Simon: I'm sure he's deeply flattered to have won such a prestigious and coveted award. One can never have too many awards in one's CV....

At 11/29/2005 8:52 AM, Blogger the lost message said...

I'm touched, honoured and other phrases which go with humility!

Is there a black tie, dinner and presentation to go with this award?

I am in the process of writing my serm...errmm speech.

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