Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Philo on laughter

Philo Judaeus (15-10 BC – 45-50 AD):

"that most exquisite joy of all pleasures, namely, laughter" (On the Change of Names, XXIII, 131)

"an emblem of joy, namely, Laughter" (ibid., XLV, 261)

"For who is there who is not at times influenced by the pleasures and delights which he receives by means of his eyes, or by those which reach him through the medium of his ears, or of his sense of taste, or of his sense of smell and touch? And who is there who does not hate the contrary things, want and self-denial, and a life of austerity, and seeking after knowledge, which has never any share in amusement or laughter, but is full of gravity, and cares and labours" (Who is the heir of divine things, IX, 48)


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