Monday, October 17, 2005


Nope, nothing to do with Terry Pratchett. Instead, our friends in certain branches of American fundamentalism inform us that the earth is indeed flat - after all, doesn't the Bible speaks of the 'four corners of the earth'? Aside from that, this website catalogues a veritable galaxy of hard to dodge exegetical arguments to convince even the most unreasonable of doubters. Another webpage under the militant title Fighting the "Evidence", haven't as yet provided quite so many detailed arguments, but we wait with baited breath.

And if the bible says so, it follows that all scientists must have deceived us in one mass conspiracy. Obvious when you think about it.

Henceforth, these academics postulate that we actually live on some sort of disc with the north pole at the centre (surrounded by a 150ft high wall of ice). Curiously, the resulting map is basically the symbol of the United Nations, something one exponent of flat-earth science cites as evidence for the position.

Furthermore, their theory also explains another mystery: how is it possible for the sun and moon to be as big as so-called scientists say, when they look so small when we see them in the sky? The disc theory clearly demonstrates that the sun and moon are both only 32 miles in diameter. And thus we are provided with yet another string to add to their striking arsenal of argumentation.

And if you try to argue that the sun and moon aren't small but simply far away, let us not forget, as this site clearly demonstrates, 'Today’s cosmology fulfills an anti-Bible religious plan disguised as "science"'.

One astute observer of the developing debate points out: "With the advent of the space program, the [Flat Earth] Society found itself confronted with pictures of Earth made by orbiting satellites and, eventually, by astronauts who had landed on the moon."

But unperturbed, Samuel Shenton, who created the International Flat Earth Society, convincingly countered: "It's easy to see how a photograph like that could fool the untrained eye."

Besides, isn't all that round-earth stuff just plain counter-intuitive. And so one spokesman remarked:
"If you've ever been to Kansas, you know the Earth is flat. If you've been up in a lighthouse and looked out at the ocean, you can see that this planet is as flat as can be. In spite of the evidence of our senses, schools everywhere in America are continuing to teach about the round Earth as if it were an established fact and not just a theory, which it is…"
But not all of these bible scholars are convinced. The Non-moving earth & anti-evolution web page claims:

"Every Scripture that speaks of the sun moving (HERE - HERE) is a Scripture that denies a Flat Earth just as surely as it affirms a stationary Earth. A non-moving Earth IS a Bible doctrine; a flat earth is not." (underlining, capitalisation and italics theirs)
And so, we are assured, while the earth may not be exactly flat, it most certainly is not moving.

Lastly - oh the wonders of the web - if you want to enjoy lively and intelligent debate with convinced flat-earthers, visit this forum where such themes as gravity, photons, wave variations and scientific conspiracy are discussed. Currently on the General Discussion link you can find academic debate under such titles as:

* 'The earth is flat morons',
* 'Does Australia exist?',
* and one by a doubter, 'You guys are f***nuts'.

For example, under the discussion link named "F***ing retards", one eloquent scholar states his opinion in the following way:
"You guys are f***ing retards for beleiving the world is flat. I f***ing can't find the f***ing words to describe how f***ing dumb and retarded you are… Seriously, a f***ing 150ft high wall of ice? What the f***?? if that was true anyone could easily climb it or fly over it in an helicopter or a plane.
There are f***ing buildings that are much higher than that. F***."


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