Monday, September 19, 2005

The Chess season has started ...

... and I played like a donkey. A stupid thicky no-brained crapy donkey.

Stupid, stupid game.

3 hours of building myself into a winning position, having lured my opponents pieces into the queenside, enabling a quick and effective knockout on his kingside. And just short of winning a substantial amount of material, and all sure of victory, I bodged it, smudged it, messed it, ruined it ... and lost it.

STUPID *$"!*## **ing ##ing @@ing game! (challeng-ing, frustrat-ing and disappoint-ing, is what I mean, of course, what were you thinking?)

Imagine painting a beautiful picture for 3 hours and you're so pleased with it as you couldn't have done a much better job. And just as your putting on the finishing touches, getting excited about showing others, you go and spill paint all over it. @&%#!% gutted. Rubbing my hands, smelling victory one minute, pulling my hair out in anger the next. In my rage I would have gladly ram raided a charity shop in my Fiesta, or something, if I had had any guts left.

So, instead of introducing my victorious game with an air of 'this is just one example of my brush the opponent of the board technique', I'll have to be more humble.

Here is the stupid frigging game:
(Just click on the picture to open the java-board to play through the game)

The position after white's 26th move, just before the blunder.


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