Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Personal Recommendations

I recently heard on a TV sender an advertisement for a worship CD. While music samples and videos were being played, I heard the background voice boldly proclaim: 'No one knows the 'spirit of worship' like … [and then said the artists name]'!

What the heck?

Nevertheless, I was encouraged to do the same. So, I have asked around my friends (no name-dropping intended here) and asked them if they would write a personal recommendation for me to put on my blog. To my surprise, more answered than I expected (that's what it means to be humble). I'm a little embarrassed to post them, but here goes:

"He is my model for holiness and obedience" - Sarah Plant, founder of Holiness Minitries International

"He is so funny, witty, good-looking, I can't help but be jealous" – Simon H, Chairman and Manager of Brill Missions inc and founding memeber of the Society of Excellence in Ministry

"His blogs are inspirational" – Joint statement of the U.S. Senate and British government

"Without Chris's encouragement and inspiration I would never have written the Institutes" - Calvin

"He helped me to take a stand against racism" - Martin Luther King

"He makes me feel so humble while simultaneously inspiring me. He always wins our arguments" - Simon H (again)

"He displays a previously unseen level of academic brilliance" – the entire research department at LST

"Chris? Oh yes. The closest thing to a walking miracle machine I have ever met" - Wigglesworth

"Compared to Chris, I know nothing" - Hengel

"He makes us feel so thick" - debaters on the Future Worship blog

"taught me everything I know" - Renoir

"I'm just finishing my book: 'How to be Like Chris, and why its Important'" – Famous author who preferred to remain anon.

"Pity Anja got there first" – the entire cheerleader squad for the Miami Dolphins

I have many more in my Inbox, but I'll leave them till later as I wouldn't want anyone to think I was being proud …


At 8/31/2005 10:25 PM, Blogger the lost message said...

Since I was a child Chris has been an inspiration to me. When we were in the playground at school often Chris would stand on a discarded box and boldly proclaim the message of Jesus.

It would be amusing to say that he was pelted with rotten fruit, laughed at, made fun off, kicked, beaten and battered. But that my friends is not the case. The POWER of God fell on all of those who heard the message. Wheelchair bound children leaped with joy, those with addictions to sherbert rejoiced as they were set free. Teachers forgave pupils who didn't hand in their homework - bullies hugged their victims, tears streaming down their faces.

I remember those heady days, staring at Chris in awe: "Such power, such lardiness, yet amazingly humble, the humblist man I know" - and he proclaimed this fact with boldness.

His first book 'How to be like me' became a best seller in a 1000 countries and the follow up - 'Being more like me: A practical guide with study questions' became a well made movie directed by Spielberg.

So I heartily endorse the ministry of Chris Tilling. His words bear much fruit and his wise words linger like the smell of rotten eggs on a hot summers day.

Simon Hardwick - Head Pastor, founder, bankroller, theologian, teacher, toilet cleaner and general handyman - "The Multicoloured Charismatic Abundant life Reformed Evangelical post rational Church of Love"

At 5/18/2007 5:56 AM, Anonymous Dr Eric T. Klitwerker said...

Very inspirational.


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