Saturday, August 06, 2005

Modern Art

I just found this in Anja's collection of pictures. She loves all this stuff, so I'd better be careful (I really don't want another Chinese burn). And OK, I'm certainly no errr, (desperately thinking of a famous artist....) err, Rolf Harris. Nor am I educated in the subtleties of higher 'Art Criticism'. Agreed. But tell me why this Matisse:

... is to be blamed on artistic inspiration, rather than (as is my guess) a really bad nose-bleed. Educate me.

But I have got something better.
I just came across a picture of a sculpture at the 'Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art' in France. Now, while I personally may be about as artistic as a bucket of snot, some of this modern art stuff just plain puzzles me:

It is apparently called 'The Man of Poo'.

I guess I would have called it something else. I have a few candidates, but something like 'Great Big Pile of xxxx' (children may read this) comes to mind.


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