Friday, July 29, 2005

Crucial film review

This just may save a couple of hours of your life ...

As I wasn't given the chance in my 'complete profile', I feel ethically obliged to answer the following, and it just may save an hour or two of your life: What is the worst movie I have ever seen? That is easy: Mona Lisa Smile.

Maaaaan. What the heck was that? Watching that was like someone had screwed open the top of my head and poured Domestos in. What can I say? Quite simply, all copies should be incinerated. It battered my intelligence with such ferocity that I could barely find my way out of the cinema, and my eyes had become so glazed over that I wanted to sandpaper my retinas. Actually, I tried to get out of the cinema but the film had anaesthetised my legs. And my brain. So, dear Mona, I'm not smiling. Nuff said. (A close second is 'Driving Miss Daisy', which is about as exciting as being asleep, which is what I guess most probably are after about 30 seconds of watching it).


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