Saturday, July 30, 2005

And one more ...

For those of you who would now try to be clever, and ask 'How do you know Driving Miss Daisy was boring if you slept through it?' (see previous post) I respond as follows. I didn't actually fall asleep through it, I said that 'most' probably do. I personally couldn't fall asleep as I was in a mixed state of shock, bewilderment, disgust and disbelief (that an award winning film could be no more interesting than watching a boring coloured paint dry). I kept myself going by willing an Alien invasion or Terminator's guest appearance - sadly none of which happened. To be honest, I feel like I should get an Olympic medal or something for managing to finish it without slipping into a deep trance state.

But what is really sick is that it won 4 Oscars! Now, this heads my personal 'unanswered questions' list (perhaps more than any even on your list, Sonia), towering over all the other mysteries of the universe. How can you answer this? It just plain messes with my head. I suspect we will find that it will be a question that causes even the fastest super-computers of the future to crash just like an old Spectrum 48k. And if ever we are invaded by a super-intelligent race of football pitch sized brain Aliens, just ask them how that film managed to get so many awards, and they will probably die instantly, or perhaps explode.


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