Wednesday, October 26, 2005

As sweet as irony gets

I played the second game of the season last Sunday, and some of you may remember that during that week I posted about how to 'cheat at chess'. Well, talk about one of your all time big frigging back fires ...

I'm not trying to accuse my admittedly friendly opponent of having read my article and put it into effective practice, but I spent most of my precious calculation time warming the loo-seat because of a sudden and mysterious stomach-bug ... I was either crapping or trying not to, and, let me assure you, such conditions are not conducive for analysis.

And so I was forced to offer a rather lame draw on move 18, with the White pieces.

If you wanna see the game then click on the board below – the position in which I offered a draw.

But be warned, the analysis contains way too much information.

Its not easy to think when ones bottom is crying to be elsewhere"
- Ancient Indian proverb


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