Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Intelligent Design

Recently, Ben Myers, from Australia, the formidable brains behind Faith and Theology, has been posting on God, creation and intelligent design. I always enjoy reading his blog – one I visit daily – and so I was surprised to find one of his posts had accumulated (as I write) 18 responses. Eager to find out what the fuss was all about, I found most of it was Ben debating with straight-talk-Ken, from Canada. Not only were both of their comments helpful (Ken said in very frank words what I too was wondering), but really amusing.

It started of with Ken writing: "With all due respect, huh? This post makes no sense to me…", followed by "this sounds like pretentious goobleygook [sic] to me", climaxing with "Sorry Ben. I have to call bullshit" - at which stage they both seemed to resign themselves to the fact of a simple difference of opinion.

Nevertheless, this is all still sadly tame compared to the language used in the theological debates of the first centuries of the Church. In these good old days, they were not at all averse to calling each other 'gnat's wee', 'demented and insane', 'fat dogs stupefied with porridge' etc.


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