Monday, January 02, 2006

A new name

So the consensus is clear: a few changes need to be implemented.

I didn't only want to change the name of this blog, but also (and therefore) the web address. Being blessed with awesome foresight as I am, I managed to include 'brainpoo' not just once, but twice in the above link. Pretty silly really as changing this has been a bit of a pain.

And so a change of address has been necessary, and while I was at it I thought I'd re-work the blog framework to make it wider and more attractive.

Thus, I'm going to start a new blog page. Of course, all of the archives for Brainpoo have been included on the side-bar, just underneath the actual archives.

But what should the new name be?

Jim's Tübinger, one of the first, was immediately eye-catching. However, as Ben has pointed out, the umlaut ü may cause problems.

Mike's imagination knows no end. Of his suggestions I particularly liked Not the Spanish Inquisition and Evangelische-R-us. However, his Fundies anonymous was my favourite, but I just had the feeling, funny as it is, that a few months down-the-line I would be wanting to change it again…

Eddies Cardinal Spin I loved and it very nearly became my choice. However, I shall be introducing Cardinal Spin as a new 'team member' for my new blog. Any excuse for something silly.

Lastly are Ben's hilarious suggestions. Particularly tempting were Ex Fide in Fidem, The Blog of the World's Cleverest Person, Profound Musings of a Very Brainy Individual, and especially, I Could Have Given This a Latin Name If I Wanted. I've tried to incorporate something of one these in my new subtitle.

Then there were my ideas. Free Porn was a bit of a cheap-shot but bound to increase the number of visitors. But I couldn't help but feel that was being a tad dishonest. In a similar spirit there was Terribly interesting Talk Sometimes (TITS), but that would just be another 'Brainpoo'. Given that my doctoral studies focus on Paul's Christology, I wondered if Chrisology may work, but it just didn't feel right. As for Latin, there was Ignoramus et Ignorabimus, but I always stumble on pronouncing the last word, so I forgot that.

But it is Anja, again, who suggested the one to be finally adopted. Her suggestion has one big advantage – she promises me days of early morning Chinese-burns if I don't use it. And that's pretty persuasive really.

Apart from that, I like it too!

The new name and the new link will follow in the next, and last post on Brainpoo.

Really! All my fussing over a name!


At 1/02/2006 2:52 AM, Blogger T.B. Vick said...

Well, you are correct about the "Free Porn" name, it would have gotten your site a tremendous amount of new hits . . . unfortunately and fortunately . . . of course those readers (or viewers as the case may be) may have actually enjoyed your piece on the "humping mantis."

Can't wait to see the end result though.

btw, I'll keep trying to get an e-mail through the registration at free chess.

At 1/02/2006 3:21 AM, Blogger Chris Tilling said...

Can't wait to see the end result though.

Oh well. Don't expect too much!

If this freechess thing doesn't work, then perhaps e-mail their support. Would be fun to meet online to play chess!


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