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My beautiful wife and I. We married Feb 22nd 2003.

The English side of the family. We effectively had two weddings: one in Germany, and the other in England. But Ron. How did you sneak into this picture?? 

Some friends (glad to see Ron back where he should be!)
At the back, looking a bit drugged up is my best man.

Two esteemed friends, James and Malcolm.

 And Andy. Actually he is Scottish. Really. And yes I do know whether they have anything under the skirt, sorry Andy, Kilt.

 Anja's army of brothers. The titch is Sims, the one in blue is Markus, the green one is Sams, the hidden one is Jonathan, and the grinning one is David.

Our German engagement party. My Schwiegereltern are to my left (Beate with short dark hair, and Manfred doing the Moses thing)

Dad loves doing public speeches. This one was just before my entire family made a wally of themselves. Actually, if anyone needs a public speaker, I'll give you his details.

And here is my family making a wally of themselves! Throughout the Morris Dance, the entire German audience was stone silent. :-))

Some of my English friends somehow managed to insult everybody with their playacting. Great one of the two Sarahs!!