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OK, a few changes are planned here. until then, here are some important links, especially for those involved in chessexchange (http://chessexchange.com).

Kapil Gain's game against his uncle: http://www.christilling.de/analysis/kapil_gain.htm

Dan Hiesman's game against G. Fick: http://www.christilling.de/analysis/fickheisman.htm

Chigorin-Lasker from How to Defend in Chess, by Colin Crouch: http://www.christilling.de/Defence/chigorinlasker.htm

I love the 1.Nc3 opening. But ever since GM Nigel Davies decided to call it "Ugly", I, in turn, have decided to pick on the Alekhine Defence, about which he wrote a book (and probably a very good book - he is a great author). So, folow the link below, and you will find the ultimate refutation to the Alekhine .... (well, maybe)

A favourite blitz game

http://www.christilling.de/Rook_sacs.htm also kindly analysed by GM Nigel Davies (the truth hurts!) http://www.chesscafe.com/text/davies18.pdf

And yet, the GM's analysis coudn't go unanswered, especially as he calls my precious Linksspringer opening "Ugly"! For my (extremely tongue in cheek) response: http://www.christilling.de/analysis/The_Ugly_Opening.htm

The Slayer game!!


Mephisto Bashing!


Mephisto Bashing II!


Of course, I blew him off the board. The look in my eyes says it all: I'm not afriad of you, buster, I play 1.Nc3. I'm still not sure how they got my name wrong though ... and my nationality come to that. Tut. Chess organisers, huh! And for all you conspiracy theory lovers, how could you doubt it .. I mean!