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First things first: A Bit About Me

My name is Chris Tilling, and I'm married to a real beauty, Anja. Actually, I have no idea how I managed to marry such a looker, and neither do any of my friends. But she said 'I do', so its too late now. HAHAHAAHHAHA

I live in a lovely area of Germany (as you probably guessed from my .de web address), 
but I'm British. BRITISH. 
I am a New Testament doctoral research student analysing the question of Pauline divine-Christology under the supervision of a guy called Max Turner. Perhaps you've heard of him?
Actually, I feel really blessed to be writing a thesis about something that fascinates me so much. I love it!

What else? Ah yes, I am extremely attractive. Of course.
and my IQ makes yours look like the cost of a 2nd class stamp
I'm very humble
witty, errrrm... British
and don't really know what to write on this page.

Oh yes, I'm British, not German, in case you missed that.
But you can find out much more about me under My Story
and also in My personal blog.

In fact, most recent additions will now be found in My personal blog. Feel free to leave comments there or sign my guestbook.