Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where’s the Wally?

You've no doubt seen "Where's Wally?" or, for some of you, "Where's Waldo?".

Well ....

Where's Zwingli?

The first to spot Zwingers wins a free bag of 'Holy Land Air' (cannot be guaranteed nut free)


At 3/26/2009 1:48 AM, Blogger Jim said...

that's my response to you, you wicked man.

At 3/26/2009 2:52 AM, Blogger Mark Stevens said...

It reminds me of that scene from Ace Ventura Pet detective where Ace finds his way out of the fake Rhino!

At 3/26/2009 4:03 PM, Blogger One of Freedom said...

Oh that poor cow!

At 3/26/2009 11:34 PM, Blogger Doug Chaplin said...

This is spooky. When the page loaded, my cursor was pointing directly at the man's ear. My browser knew exactly where to find him. If this were NT Wrong;s blog I might make a comment about overenthusiastic fishing.


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