(1) Tilling,Chris - Super-Babby (2562) [A00]
ICS Game ICS, 15.07.2004
[Junior 8 (7s)]

A00: Irregular Openings Hi folks, hope you are all having good summer breaks. This is not an objective game annotation in the normal sense, although I do a bit of that. It is more of a subjective Psychological analysis of what happened inside when I played against someone rated much higher than me. So please, allow for the occasional exaggeration! I found it fun ... (if Kasparov can "..." all the time, so can I!)

Best by test, blah blah.

1...e6 2.f4
Anything to not end up in a line he would have played a good deal more often than me! In retrospect, perhaps this strategy was a bit fool-hardy.

2...b6 3.e4 Bb7 4.Nf3
Chris, stop looking at his rating, just move the pieces

4...Bb4N 5.d3 Nf6 6.Be2
OK, play solid, get your King to safety, STOP looking at his rating

My much higher rated opponent seemed content to play unambitiously. But allowing the possibility of the initiative to fall in to the hands of a much lower rated opponent, who has absolutely nothing to loose ...

7.0-0 Bxc3
This I found odd - simply giving up a bishop to strengthen my centre. A glimmer of hope welled-up within! In a very quiet voice, something inside said "you might not loose". Then another part of me said, "shut up, concentrate, you can do your lap of honour later". Reason spoke up too: "There is a lot to do yet, Chris." Doubt also joined in: "You know that you'll drop a pawn, or even worse, in a few moves, why bother playing on ..." Reason once again interjected: "Why not! Man, its not every day I get to play someone blitz rated over 2500!"

8.bxc3 Nbd7
Now Stupidity entered the fray: "Chris, bung your Knight on the juicy d4 square, after all, he can simply chase it away with 9 ...c5, gaining space and time." So, obeying my impulse, I plopped my Knight on a silly square.

Having let go of my Knight, I saw immediately the mistake. "You've blown any aura of brilliance now Chris", said Condemnation.

9...c5 10.Nf3
Humiliation was grinning at me. I felt for sure that the death blow would come with all the more ferocity now!

10...0-0 11.h3
to stop the black Knight annoying my Bishop once on e3.

nevertheless, despite my loss of time, I found my position optically strong. The Knight jump didn't intimidate me, but I was in a bit of a daze after my crazed Nd4. I had lost objectivity, and had already ceased to play what Dan Heisman calls "Real Chess"

12.Kh2 f5?
A bit alarmed at my opponents "activity" on the Kingside, I didn't really have a clear mind to think in variations! (Sorry Dan!). Why? Well, I was sure he could see everything I was seeing, so I didn't really bother to calculate, and just played a good looking move. I paused. Blinked. Slammed my Knight on ...

I could write: "Yea, the mere 2500 fell in to my well prepared trap, and under my the pressure created by my superior manoeuvring, fell apart .. blah blah." But if I'm honest, it didn't dawn on me that this won material till after I moved the Knight! My illustriously rated opponent sank into thought. Time was passing ... and passing ...the poor chap only had about 30 seconds for the rest of the Blitz game ... my heart was beating, I couldn't believe it was happening. The longer he thought, the more my hope rised! "C'mon, Buddy, just a little longer and you'll loose on time" ... And he resigned. Just like a footballer after scoring a goal, my arms raised, shirt pulled up over my face ... Pride spoke up: "Hah, Mr practically GM rating blitz man, you are just cannon fodder for the likes of me". But Reason had the last word: "If he had played on istead of resigning, Chris, you would have probably still managed to loose" Hmmm. Reason was right. 1-0